Precious Angel Home Care Services Inc. offer a range of high quality services to ensure you, or your loved one, can enjoy life at home.


Community Care Service Program (CCSP)
Community Care Service Program (CCSP) The CCSP Program was created with the feeble elderly adults in mind.
Developmental Disabilities DBHDD

Here at Precious Home Care Services Inc. we focus on Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities along with
Skilled Nursing Care

Skilled Nursing Care

Precious Angel Home Care Services Inc. is here to assist our Clients in doing the day-to-day things they love to do in the comfort of their homes. We are here to give your loved ones the Personalized, Compassionate Care and love they rightly deserve.

Wound care
Pill box set up
Dementia care
Alzheimer's Care
Supervisory Nursing Visits

CNA Services

Our caregivers are well trained professionals with long years of experience in Nursing Support and Caregiving services. We routinely train and update our caregivers on contingency planning for emergencies - both medical and in case of natural emergencies.
Personal Hygiene Care
Live in care
Personal Care support
Incontinent Care
Meal Preparation
Escort to appointments
Light House keeping
Bathing and Dressing Assistance.
Group Homes for Young Adults in Georgia

Group Homes for Young Adults in Georgia

Precious Angel Home Care Services Inc. understand the importance of guiding and protecting our youth. We have created a sound,positive and encouraging program to assist our troubled young adults living in the State of Georgia. Helping our teens with coping with depression, substance abuse, anxiety, bipolar disorder and mental health. We have created a program that will not only help troubled teens but also guide them in taking the right foot forward in life. Understanding adult hood.